Black box voting systems…

Mr. Thump, sorry Trump… he  comes out and saids, words to the effect, “Black box voting is flawed and the election is being rigged.”   It he right or wrong?    Well it is clear that anything with zeros and ones can be hacked, and even the most secure servers have been compromised.

So ‘no’ Mr. Obama it is not a conspiracy to say the elections could be rigged and often a President is selected not elected.  And by the way, did you consistently win in any of the US states that required a voter to produce a driver’s license?

Perhaps both the major US parties have at one time or another have arranged for a few zeros and ones to be slipped in here and there to booster the numbers for a particular politician?   And who is to say?  Well apparently many have been saying this for awhile.  The insiders, the tech heads, the hackers have all made it fairly clear that it has happened in the past, and no doubt it can happen again.

Has Australia ever had networked software systems said to be highly secure,  compromised?  Well didn’t the weather software the Australian Government was so proud of go down due to hackers stealing it?

Should Australia ever have black box voting?

I am of the opinion that electronic systems should be secondary to paper ballots and people with the charter to be vigilant  against rigging should be continually searching for potential tempering.

Here is a buzz phrase I hope in one form or another may be circulated on the internet…


Paper covers rock, black box voting is prime for a hacker’s block. 

Come on someone, surely there is  a better rhythm of words to get the point across or black box voting may one day become our loss. 




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