2016 US Elections – “Choose your Poison”


Expanding the Debate: Jill Stein Spars with Clinton & Trump in Democracy Now! Special

The conditions that have given rise for Donald Trump to be a presidential candidate were created in part by the decisions made by  Hilary Clinton  and her associate politicians.  It is becoming increasingly apparent that it is a contest between two people that are disliked by a significant portion of the America people.   The US Presidential elections has become a matter of “choose your poison”.

Certainly the arrangement where by only the leaders of the two major parties can debate whilst all others can not tends to support the belief that “US Presidents are Selected not Elected” through the manipulative power of the media which is owned by the billionaire’s club of globalist.  A club intent on  corporatising the world and putting aside the rights of the people in the pursuit of profits.

When ever the corrupted system of things has deficiencies that allows minority parties and  independents to be noticed, people everywhere are seriously considering these relatively unknown people as an alternative to the major parties.

People are increasingly become mistrustful of the main stream dinosaur media and are turning to media outlets such as DemocracyNow.org as a more balanced and reliable source of news.

Mr. Trump has many personal flaws and his own agenda, and whilst he isn’t the pinnacle of what should by an honourable leader in politics (something that rarely exists) there is one aspect that should be noted and that is “The super rich do not want him to be President”.   Why is that?

Mrs. Clinton on the other hand is the candidate of choice of the Super Rich.  They are certainly throwing a lot of money in her direction. Why is that?

An interesting data point…

More than 1.5 Trillion US dollars (half the taxation of the entire country) is spent on all things associated with killing people in one place or another either directly or as a result of the supply of arms to third parties.   Why is Israel spending 50 billion US dollars on arms, mostly from the US, and the Muslim King in Saudi acquired 115 billion US dollars in arms?

Are we on the brink of a world war?

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