AFP raid ALP offices in Melbourne over NBN ‘leaks’

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Infowars’ analysis in brief…

There is a massive blow out of costs of billions and billions of dollars, and  huge delays in the roll out of the NBN for which the principle contractor (a corporation) engaged by the Government of the day has a commercial internal document containing valuable facts and figures that the public has a right to see but they choice to attempt to keep it secret by calling it ‘confidential’.

The former Minister of the Communications responsible for engaging that corporation, the now Prime Minister, Mr. Malcolm Turnbull has the following to say about the raids on the ALP:

“It’s entirely a matter for the AFP,” he said. “As you know they operate entirely independently of the government so this is a matter for the AFP. The Labor Party know that as well as you and I do.”

Correct me if in error on any of the following points.

Firstly, isn’t it the job of the opposition Government to exposes such things as suspected corruption or at the very least incompetence of those responsible for this project?

Secondly, isn’t a corporate document displaying the words ‘commercial’ within the jurisdiction of commerces and the aspect of possible breaches of employment contracts if that electronic document somehow gets transferred, without having been solicited by an external party,  from their corporate computers to the opposition Government’s computers?

In other words, why does this have anything to do with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and why aren’t the AFP investigating the possibility that the reason this project is over budget by billions is that someone is making money out of a false promise to deliver something that should have costed significantly less?   Is there the possibility that a person or persons in a position of power making decisions on behalf of the tax payer is getting a kick back and that perhaps ‘corruption’ is a factor?

As a tax payer I would like to know the answers to the following questions.

  1. Who is the complainant?  Certainly not the Australian tax payer.
  2. Who are those gaining personally from the blow out?
  3. Who are the senior police officer(s) that instructed their officers  to raid the ALP and where is their statement of jurisdiction to have so acted in this ‘commercial’ and corporate self-serving ‘confidential’ (secret) matter?
  4. Do those senior police officers stand to gain by way of promotion or career reward by  working in the  favour of Mr. Malcolm Turnbull by raiding the opposition Government offices?

Given we are talking billions, perhaps the comparably  small cost of a ‘Royal Commission of Inquiry’ should be a consideration of the tax payers’ representatives to learn if ‘corruption’ and ‘fraud’ has occurred?






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