Brisbane Times story, “Federal election 2016: Don’t laugh at Donald Trump, it could happen here”

Journalist Mr. John Bimingham1 you wrote that Trump was a bigot and a liar, and painted a picture that he is popular for all the wrong reasons. Trump is incredibly popular, the only people that hate him are the left wing media and the sheep people that follow that nonsense as truth.

The truth is number one, he is considered by the American people as the only outsider. In other words, he is a self-funded non-politician that has step forward at a time when the America people are sick and tired of being sold out to the banks.

Number two, he does not receive campaign funds from Wall Street which is legalised bribery, Ted got 11 million, Bush 7 million, and Hilary 5.2 million and Wall street does not hand out free lunches. Hilary gets 100s of millions from the Muslims (the Saudis).

Fourthly Trump came out with his mother’s bible in his hand holding it up and saying “Its the best book he ever read”. Name me one time Obama said anything along those lines? He is too busy avoiding being called Islamophobic by visiting Mosques and saying the sweetest song he has ever heard was calls for worship to Islam and protecting Saudis from prosecution over 911, how do you think that makes Christians in America feel or the victims of that terrible day?

Trump love him or hate him is probably the only chance the US has of stopping the banks from ripping off the America tax payer !

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