Brad Kennedy, Candidate for Longman Electorate (QLD)

Brad and his wife Joann have lived in Longman at Narangba for the past 23 years. They raised two children who were schooled locally and now enjoy their own adult lives. During their school years, Brad was a committee member of the local P&C and coached local soccer.

Born in Brisbane 1963, he was adopted and raised in a modest home at Boondall. Brad is an Aviation Service Quality Leader and licenced Aircraft Engineer with our Major Airline. He’s worked hard in the aviation industry for 35 years and knows what it takes to raise children these days. He’s been made redundant previously, has had to move town to seek work and understands the balance required between the interests of employer and employee after he and Joann owned a successful Australian Produce export business.

Brad’s passionate about keeping Australian jobs right here in Australia for Australian citizens wherever and whenever possible. He believes Australian assets of strategic national importance must stay substantially in Australian hands and believes the Australian government shouldn’t sell, give away or simply abandon industries whose survival always will be in the national interest. It’s a fact of world economics that the playing field for international trade isn’t a level one.

Australia needs a level playing field. The people of Longman need a representative with real life skills and real life experience. Brad has the passion, experience and determination to make a real difference.

Brad’s plan for the people of Longman:

  • 3D University and Business Park will create thousands of full time jobs. 3D-PET (Personal Electronic Transport) will change the way vehicles are built and used. Longman and 3D University will lead the world in building this game changing technology.
  • Reduce the price of electricity for all Australians through our “Reserved Resource policy”. Australian Coal and Gas will be supplied to our generators at COST of production (Not Market price).
  • Widen the Gateway from Nudgee to Deagon and the Bruce from Bald Hills to Caboolture to a full four lanes each way. The current Gateway 3/ 4 skinny lane plan is woefully inadequate.
  • The Rail corridor out to Wamuran and Woodford to be preserved and a new Bribie bridge constructed.
  • 3D Park will provide a new home for TAFE/QUT. This in turn will allow Caboolture High to take over their existing facilities and free up land so our hospital can receive the long deserved expansion it needs.
  • KAP MP’s will represent their electorates in accordance with our Core Values and Principles, the interests of the voters of Longman, and with their conscience. Longman’s voice will be heard.



A person with real life skills, a passion, and determination.

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