Dallas: Police Officers Shot Dead During Black Lives Matter Protest

The day before this event I watched the Facebook video stream of the African/American man Philander Castile shot dead by a police officer standing next to the driver’s door.  I thought then that there had been far too many such incidents, more so this year than last year resulting in hostility towards all police.  I thought as the video concluded, “It may only take one more such event to trigger the minds of those that wrongly see such things as discriminate killings by the police.” 

Who is to blame, what is to be done, where will it go next, and when will it end?  are the questions many people are asking.

I think it is not so much as ‘who’ but ‘what’.  There is so much corruption in the world that people are beginning to widely recognise a left and right paradigm in politics that ultimately results in haves and have nots.   Who has justice and who does not, who has a lavish lifestyle and who will live in poverty, and who will live a long and healthy life and who won’t have access to good food and powerful medicines.  Today in Australia we see people turning away from the major political parties by voting in independents and minority parties as the controlling influence in political decisions here.

The dynamic, however, is moving past the old left right political paradigm in which the puppet masters ultimately get what they want regardless of which political party is in power. We now live in an era defined by increasing Corporate influence and authority over the individual.  We are seeing just how powerful their media has become despite the internet and the social media as they adapt and modify their approach to information transmission and propagation of global buzz words that suit their corporate controllers.

We have trade deals made behind closed doors, we have a financial system of things designed to create economic slaves,   and those pulling the strings do not care what happens in Dallas for it fits in with their plans for more control over the masses.

A case in point of just how much the money makers care about people would be the Apple Chinese sweatshop that erected ground level suicide nets to stop their slaves from jumping off the roof of the factory after 18 slaves had done so.    Slaves that perform monotonous tasks like wiping down screens or shaving aluminium from the edge of the Apple logo for ten tedious hours at a time in return for little pay because the alternative to not working was extreme hunger while their factory owners ate well and travelled the world making trade deals behind closed doors with their international business partners.

Today it is ‘Black Lives Matter’ that is the focus of what has happened in Dallas for violence begets greater violence.   But before this was ‘Occupy Wall Street’, and tomorrow it is likely to be the ‘Civil Disobenience’ movement which is growing world wide.

Thinking about the consequences of poverty, and economic slavery through the debt money system of things controlled by the banking cartels and among others the IMF, the International Mafia Federation (but promoted by another name) and of course the Bilderberg Group.  Here are a few statistics which are likely to require updating since the days of the Wall Street protests.

If you have no debt and $4000 US in your back pocket than you are in the wealthiness half of the world, if you have $17,000 the top ten percent, and more than $600,000 the top one percent, and of the one percent there are about 6000 people that sit on international boards of the biggest corporations of the world that control almost half the wealth of the world while the poorest half of the world suffer and many live on less than $2 a day and of these many live on 20 cents a day for which surviving each day is a reality.

I read several books decades ago about the possibility of those living on less than $2 a day migrating on foot and by boat to the richer countries.  These authors were stating that if the corrupted system of things was to remain in place mass migration would be the result. We are also seeing that the once honourable profession of being a soldier is being dishonoured by the Corporations who use the military through their selected Presidents and other politicians to protect their corporate interests in other countries.

Today we are seeing the disfranchised third world walking as a hoard into Europe and the civilisations of the past slipping away.   We are also seeing radical Islam taking advantage of this reaction to poverty by making claim over some Muslims as a planned invasion.    The other side of the coin to this is the statement that Islam is merely the tool of the hidden hand to destroy the Christian west and perhaps there is some truth in this 100 year plan?

But it is not Islam that has caused this migration, the blame rests with those that have designed the financial system of consumerism that has no genuine interest in resource management through their agenda 21 or whatever.  No interest in resources that are the heritage of others, apart from creating deals behind closed doors that ultimately control the masses by controlling their food, their water, and their oil and gas reserves.

As where this is all heading?  I feel it is the beginning of civil unrest and perhaps many small wars like the one we just witnessed in Dallas.  People with closed fists not knowing  ‘who is to blame’ but wrongly targeting the police as being part of the problem.

Our hearts and prays go out to those that are recovering from wounds, and to the families and friends of those police officers in Dallas.   Our hearts and prays also go out to the family and friends of Philander Castile and many others like him that have had their life taken from them.

When will it end?  It will only end, when the Cree Indian Proverb becomes close to a reality:

Only when the last tree has died
and the last river been poisoned
and the last fish been caught
will we realise we cannot eat money.

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