About Us

Infowars (Australia) is a networking website for civic journalists.

Civic journalism (also known as public journalism) is the idea of integrating journalism into the democratic process. The media not only informs the public, but it also works towards engaging citizens and creating public debate. The civic journalism movement is an attempt to abandon the notion that journalists and their audiences are spectators in political and social processes. In its place, the civic journalism movement seeks to treat readers and community members as participants. With a small but committed following, civic journalism has become as much of a philosophy as it is a practice.

Editor in Chief:

Lawrence Lyons


Senior Constable Qld 4040 Retired; Witness 51 Royal Commission of Inquiry into Government and Police Corruption (Fitzgerald Inquiry) Holder of a police service certificate issued by the lead investigator of the Fitzgerald Inquiry, “…loyal and dedicated service to the community of Queensland…”; Managing Director of Environics (Australia); Environmental Engineer and Occupational Health Specialist; Civic Journalist; author of ‘The Joke’ www.thejoke.com.au1